There is sea change in  HR  during  the  last  few  decades. Earlier  its  role  was  restricted  to  recruitment,  selection ,training  and  development.  Gradually  it  was  realized  by organization that human resource is the backbone and people started giving due importance to it.  Today we all want to see our  company  in  the  fortune  500  companies  list  but  have  we ever  thought  that  it  would  be  impossible  to  do  it  if  we  don’t have bona fide staff with bona fide intentions. The organization  successful  if  an  individual  goals  matches  with  the organization  goal.   Both  have  to  go  hand  in  hand.   It  is  the Human  Resource  Department’s  responsibility  to  see  that synchronization  is  there  as  well  as  maintained  between individual  and  organization  goal.HR  expects  that  all employees must work hard for their self-development.  In the process,   organization   achieves   its   growth   and   qualityexcellence.HR   provides   all   avenues   for   Employee Development.  The definition of HR has changed from seeing employees as cost centre to profit centre.  To be world class, HR  mission  and  vision  should  be  the  subset  of  organization mission and vision statement. It’s true that nothing is permanent in this world except change. Hence  it  is  HR’s  responsibility  to  understand  the  current business  environment  and  bring  in,  the  required  change smoothly and effectively.  HR foundation should be strong audit  policies  should  be  crystal  clear,  flexible,  precise,  uniform and easy to understand. If  we  analyse  the  functions  of  HR  it  revolves      around  the  upliftment  of  employee  moral  and  bringing  in  the  best practices  followed  in  the  industry  and  reinforcing  them.  The general HR  functions  comprise  of  recruitment,  selection ,training & development, counselling, mentoring, wage & salary fixation,  career  development  plans,  succession  planning, performance appraisal etc.  The first foundation stone for HR person is to encourage the atmosphere of teamwork and bring transparency  in  work  culture.   Consensus  approach  in  each work should be the philosophy of the organization, of course, individual  performance  will  always  be  given  due  recognition.HR should make the atmosphere to use the word “WE” rather than “I”

On  of  the  prime  job  of  HR  is  to  induct  people  who  have  the capacity  to  take  the  organization  in  the  future  direction  but before  this  a  proper  manpower  planning  is  to  be  done. Manpower Planning is essential for the following reasons :

  • Reduce Excess manpower 
  • Develop multi-skills
  • Job enrichment
  • Right people for right job
  • Budgeting for fund allocation
  • Succession Planning

One of the major challenges which the HR faces is retention of the talented employees.  Today the attrition rate is high due to brain drain as well better package and lucrative designation offered   by   other   organization .Keeping   in   view   stiff competition,  rapid  technology  development  and  customer’s demands,  we  have  to  retain  right  type  of  employees  to  give efficient service and improve productivity and quality.  Unless HR plans retention programs, it is very difficult in retaining the good  personnel  and  running  the  business.   These  days  HR has not only have to think for the employees but also for their family  members.HR  should  incorporate  some  well fare measures for their employees and their family members like:

  •  Annual meet for all employees and family members.
  •  Picnic
  •  Medical Care
  • Vocational guidance classes
  • Education assistance
  • Superannuation Scheme
  • Uniforms
  • Canteen
  • Club
  • Magazines
  • Safety measures etc.

Motivating  staff  towards  their  profession  helps  to  bring  zero defects  and  minimum  re-work  and  reducing  customer’s complaint.   HR’s  role  is  to  bring  out  extra-ordinary  qual  from   ordinary   people .To   take   your   organization   to international  standards  the  basic  work  of  HR  should  be familiarize all the members with the environment, utilize every opportunity of praise, suggest better ways of doing things after appreciating employees efforts.

Prerequisite for Successful HR

  • Support from top and middle management.
  • Open and transparent atmosphere with trust
  • Create an environment for growth and development
  • Investment in time, program, money, energy etc..

Rationale of HRD

  • Upgrading your systems/processes/ services
  • For growth
  • Self renewal
  • Leadership

When  a  person  joins  any  organization  he  is  raw  for  that organization.   It  is  the  HR’s  duty  to  give  him  the  inputs  or provide the means to know how the process takes place. The ultimate  goal  of  every  organization  is  customer  satisfaction.

Organizations  have  to  ensure  customer  satisfaction  and  the level  of  satisfaction  must  go  higher  and  higher. This  is  not possible  unless  the  employees  are  not  satisfied  and  it  is  the role of HR to keep their employees motivated and charged up for whatever comes.  HR should follow the following steps to make it employees self aware about themselves so that they give  their  100%  output  to  their  department  as  well  as  to  the organization:

  • Boost the confidence of employees: Make them aware that they are the asset to the organization.
  • Respect  Employees  feeling:  Value  their  feelings  and suggestions and try to have empathy for them.
  • Reach out to them: Extend your help physically or morally whenever required and understand them.
  • Open  communication:  Provide  an  atmosphere  where employees can share their views and have trust in HR.

Three important things that HR department should do to keep abreast with the changing scenario are:

  • Training   &   Development:   Identity   the   needs   of employees and provide training to them in the respective areas  which  would  lead  to  increase  in  quality  out put bring in self discipline and increase safety awareness.  It should be remembered that investment made to bring in change  in  skill,  attitude  and  knowledge  by  training should be always more than the cost per trainee.
  • Ask  for  Suggestions:  Employees  working  in  the  shop floor  level  are  much  more  aware  of  the  root  cause  of problems and they have sometimes much better solution than the top management can think of.  The aim of the suggestion   scheme   is   mainly   to   tap   the   hidden resources  and  evolve  a  participative  having  participate approach and innovative ideas among employees.  Also the esteem level of employees will increase and complex problems  will  get  reduced.   If  useful  suggestion  get implemented,  concerned  employee  will  feel  that  the management recognizes his resource.
  • Exit   Interview:   When   an   employee   leaves   the organization  he  gives  the  valuable  input  that  must  be taken  into  account  and  preventive  measures  must  betaken  so  that  others  are  not  affected  by  the    problem. This is the forum where the employee could vent out his feelings and make the employer aware of the issues that would affect the smooth functioning of the organization.

Unless  all  employees  have  passion  and  dedication  for  their work  it  will  be  too  difficult  to  achieve  the  organization  goal. Environment  plays  a  major  role  and  how  to  create  an environment for that is the sole responsibility of HR.  There is internal and external environment, which have the impact on the  working  atmosphere  for  example  the  political  env.,  trade unions,  economic  environment,  geographical  area,  Social environment,  culture,  technology  etc.   Unless  both  sides  are balanced  it  will  be  difficult  to  increase  the  productivity  of employees.  Porters’  model  speaks  of  Bargaining  Power  of Suppliers,  Bargaining  Power  of  Customers,  Threat  of  New Entrants,  Threat  of  substitutes.  All  our  effort  should  be  to balance  these  situations  and  make  a  concrete  plan  to  best able. To come at par with the world class level we have to follow the OCTAPACE  CULTURE. Culture  is  the  set  of  norms,  beliefs, values  system  that  an  employee  has  to  follow  in  an organization.  OCTAPACE is an acronym that stands for:


The  physical  and  mental  attributes  of  HR  should  be  highly pertinent to the  organization’s performance and productivity . The  employees  in  any  organization  are  not  to  be  viewed  astatic  individuals  since  the  quality  and  quantity  of  HR  are affected  by  environment  factors  such  as  education,  training and  development,  motivation  etc. If  human  factor  is  properly utilized  it  proves  to  be  a  dynamic  force  for  running  an organization; otherwise it becomes a passive and destructive force. The  overall  aim  of  HR  is  to  find  the  possibilities  for adaptation   for   survival   of   organization   with   constant changing  scenario  in  an  era  of  increasing  competition .Building a world class organization is a long-term process and it would be highly impossible to see this dream without human resource.

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