Caution Before INVESTMENT


Today we talk about caution before INVESTMENT,

Friends, a lot of FAKE company is also present in the market in the name of INVESTMENT, you always have to stay away from them, in the name of INVESTMENT, you must have seen many people around you, whose money gets stuck or drowned somewhere. goes , Today we will talk about how you are saved from this kind of bad investment.

It is important to pay attention to some things before any kind of INVESTMENT, because INVESTMENT is related to your hard-earned money, and no one wants to lose their hard earned money in a bad INVESTMENT.

So before you do any investment, keep in mind some things like –

  1. Understanding the written TERM AND CONDITION of INVESTMENT

Regarding the RISK of all types of INVESTMENT, TERM AND CONDITION of that INVESTMENT is usually written in small letters, you have to understand to read carefully about the kind of RISK associated with your INVESTMENT, SALES PERSON of the company that sells INVESTMENT does not pay much attention to the matter, often SALES PERSON exaggerates the advantages of INVESTMENT for its personal benefits i.e. COMMISSION and SALES PRESSURE, and not much talk about RISK related to INVESTMENT Doing so, you have to understand both TALM AND CONDITION in SALES PERSON and DOCUMENT of INVESTMENT, if SALES PERSON does not see anything that is saying in term and condition, then you will get a lot from such investment must be careful,


  1. Before taking the INVESTMENT DOCUMENT SIGN, take some time to understand it

 It is said that the accident is delayed, although this line can be seen on the road and travel time, but your INVESTMENT is also a money-to-money journey, in which the chances of loss would be increased if precautions are not taken. That is to say, whenever you SIGNATURE on a DOCUMENT, whether it is an investment document or something, then take some time to understand it, Signing any document means that you have read and understood all the things about that DOCUMENT, and also understand all the things related to it and RISK, but it is often not the case that most people just read without trust. DOCUMENT SIGN, Once you have done the SIGN without reading the DOCUMENT, remember later you cannot say that you did not read or understand anything written in that DOCUMENT, so our effort should be that any kind of DOCUMENT Before SIGNATURE, take some time to understand all the things written in DOCUMENT, It takes a little time to read and understand DOCUMENT, only a little while, but in this way you can avoid any big trouble in future, If POSSIBLE is there, then you should read and understand DOCUMENT with you comfortably, then you can SIGN.


  1. Understand the INVESTMENT OFFER carefully,

Today you get a lot of CALLS, SMS related to INVESTMENT, or you can see and hear very different INVESTMENT OFFER of different types through EMAIL, INTERNET, NEWSPAPER and TV or any other medium, if you like any investment and you If you want to invest in it, then take some time to understand the same INVESTMENT OFFER properly, in which you have to see that- Whether that investment is completely LEGAL or not, you always have to do legally valid investment, What is the HISTORY of the investment offer, since when has such OFFER been made and how much has actually been gained from them, What is the criticism from individuals who have contributed, Where is the office of the company doing the INVESTMENT, how many COMPLAINTS are against it, you can also check it on the Internet, Do not consider PRESENCE as final on the Internet, if it is possible to MAIN office or LOCAL OFFICE of that company, then VISIT, Avoid cash payment, always use cross check in the name of direct company, How is LIQUIDITY in INVESTMENT, ie, how quickly you can convert INVESTMENT to CASH, also keep in mind that In this way, you should understand thoroughly about both the credibility and the reality of the OFFER and COMPANY of the company doing the INVESTMENT OFFER before making the INVESTMENT, then you decide after that that you will earn your hard earned money for that company. Ought to be given or not, on the grounds that the organisation is promising acceptable returns, only for this you can’t put away your cash with them,

If you decide to do an INVESTMENT, then take care of some other things –


  1. Do not pay any payment in CASH

 Always avoid any kind of CASH PAYMENT while doing INVESTMENT, you should always use crossed check or bank demand draft for doing PAYMENT, And the check or draft should always be in the name of the organisation, Cash payment or check given in the name of someone else increases the chances of fraud, as well as take RECEIPT of the PAYMENT made and keep a copy of the INVESTMENT DOCUMENT for future,


  1. Maintain the INVESTMENT DOCUMENT,

It is important to keep the INVESTMENT DOCUMENT safe, so that you do not have any kind of other problems and you can take full benefit from that INVESTMENT, if you do not have DOCUMENT then in this situation you will have a lot of troubles May have to face, Furthermore, simultaneously, remember the choice of NOMINEE in the INVESTMENT so that in case of any coincidental mishap, you can get the advantages of the venture for your family, for which you have made a speculation, you will likewise get a duplicate of each report and a receipt. Must be kept in document

Investment Review-

From time to time, you must keep doing an analysis of your INVESTMENT i.e. REVIEW and ANALYSIS, so that you can know the PROGRESS of the INVESTMENT, if the investment is not giving you the returns or according to your thinking, then someone in return. You should think of an option to do another investment so that you can benefit from your investment in LONG TERM, and you can meet your financial goals.

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