Complete Truth About Health Insurance in India

In today’s world health insurance is one of the basic necessities in a person’s life. But there are so many myths as well as clauses which makes it difficult to understand about health insurance. As there is a high competition in the market so companies and third parties are providing more and more information and facts available for the customers so that they never fall because of myths. Anything which is there in the market has its pros and cons but when it comes to health insurance it has more advantages as we all know health is wealth so it is a must in today’s era.

So, we will have look at the truths about health insurance which are being understood wrongly so that we never take wrong decisions while purchasing health insurance policies:

while purchasing health insurance plans.

  • Employer’s provided health policy is not enough : There are so many companies or organizations which are providing insurance to their employees that can either be health or medical but that will never be enough in itself. As it may or may not cover the whole family as well as they are beneficial for the employees till the date they are working in that organization so a policy should be done by the employee himself or herself. So a policy needs to be purchased as it grows with time and all the dependent family members as well as spouse and parents.Therefore, purchasing a personal health insurance policy for you and your family is necessary as it helps you and your family for lifetime.

  • Smokers Can Get Health-insurance Policies : There are a lot of people who believe that smokers are ineligible for health insurance but there was a survey being done which found out that around 49% of the individuals are regular smoking or taking alcohol and they are unsure and even aware about the fact that whether they can take the policies or not! But the truth is you can take the policies of health insurance even if you smoke it’s just you have to pay a little more and have to undergo some medical tests because the smokers are high at risk of getting disease

  • Health Insurance is for Fit People: When it comes to being medically fit, people think that they don’t need any health insurance plan as they are fit and do not have any disease but it’s the most irrational mindset one can have. As Even If today you are well but you can get any infection anyway or dengue, malaria etc are some disease which are due to a sudden bite of mosquito you can be fit still can catch these diseases. And, your healthy body cannot save you from accidents or serious incidents which can harm you physically so paying lakhs in such severe cases purchasing a health insurance can save you from such situations.
  • Health Plans Don’t Pay Only If You’re Hospitalized: Nowadays people don’t get hospitalized for everything as the technical advancement have taken place and only in few hours we can get free after being operated for example if a person has cataract he can visit the doctor get operated and can come back home but still he will be under the health insurance cover as it is not about hospital expenses but about the health of a person. Many insurers also cover the OPD treatment expenses too i.e. if you are visiting the doctor or oral health or some other they can help you to reimburse all the expenses done there.
  • One Cannot Buy A Health Insurance Plan Just Before its Surgery: Health insurance policies have a clause in its terms and conditions that is known as the waiting period, As per this clause any disease which will be covered under this policy shall happen after 2-4 years post the purchase of the plan (the terms and conditions can vary from plan to plan). While purchasing a plan the plan holder undergoes medical tests and all his medical history is being asked for record purpose and to justify its terms and conditions .As, if a plan holder claims the amount he can get the money as early as possible without hassle.
  • Health Insurance Is Not Just For Tax Saving Purposes: Many people in our country are considering an insurance plan more of a tax-saving instrument than a healthcare coverage providing medical emergency. So, they don’t like to read the policy document carefully.But the reality is that the health insurance policy actually cares about your health as well as finances. When you take a health plan it pays all your hospital bills as well as the bills of the path labs. All the blood tests or any other ultrasounds, urine tests etc are totally paid by the insurance company, you don’t have to pay even a single penny so it’s always suggested to please pay attention to its terms and conditions before purchasing a plan as agreeing to its clauses without reading can lead to loss as well.
  • Health Insurance Plans Cover Pregnancies : Well, Few years ago when only some of the health insurance firms used to cover maternity procedures, which were considered successful claims in the maximum cases. However, now the trend has changed completely as most of the insurance providing firms have begun providing the facilities for pregnancies. Although proper clauses are being made that the cover will be given on first pregnancy. Hence whenever you look forward to purchase any plan for health insurance make sure it gives maternity coverage with or without conditions.

Conclusion: So, These are the Common myths that any person has about health insurance policy. I hope I made it quite clear to you that, what do we have in insurance plans and what we don’t have. People often ignore the fact that they are in a need of health insurance as they find it useless due to several myths. Always compare the policies available in market and choose best before investing your money as well as health in it.

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